At Rachcoff Vella, we manage an end-to-end process with experience and confidence; our long-term client relationships being testament to our careful balancing of design vision and commercial pragmatism.



The best architecture is a skilful balancing act. At Rachcoff Vella, our design expertise, experience with commercial and residential property markets, and extensive knowledge of materials and construction techniques underpins our success as a practice.

Unlike many architecture practices, we are equally passionate about design and construction, and we respect and rely on expert consultants to add value wherever necessary.

As designers, we visualise the end result, but we also understand what it takes to make early concepts a reality. Confidently steering projects through the various stages, we test the limits of design, but this is always balanced with commercial smarts, and a pragmatism based in respect for our clients’ investments.


Success in business hinges upon trusting relationships. We have a knack for putting new clients at ease, and the high number of repeat clients and families we work with demonstrates the confidence we inspire beyond the life of a single project.

We are excellent communicators, and our extensive experience engenders trust that we will capably steer a project to completion, respecting budgets and without compromising the strength of our designs. We understand that architecture is a long-term commitment, both for us and for our clients, and we are confident in our ability to achieve moving built outcomes, and a meticulously managed process throughout.


At Rachcoff Vella we refuse to pursue an architectural style that conforms to type. Understanding our clients and responding to their needs and to site context is what drives our inventive approach on each project. We understand that balancing the needs of people and place can present complexities for design, but we enjoy the challenge and draw endless inspiration from an empathetic approach. Ultimately, we seek built forms and interior spaces that function optimally for their end users, and that bring a level of tactile and visual pleasure that best captures ideal, lived experience.

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